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IYC - employment of seamen on motor and sailing yachts Worldwide!

Our services to the seamen are based on the dynamic system of available vacancies on the yachts published directly by shipping companies and the crewing agencies and also the interactive database of seamen's CV.

The services rendered by the International Yacht Crewing (IYC) include the publication of open vacancies of seamen, search of specialists in the interactive CV database and advertizing.

This project is also the unique site capable quickly and effectively to convey your information to the target audience.

We hope that you will find interesting and useful information here. If you have a reviews or suggestions for improvement of this website, you can communicate with us through the feedback form, by phone or Email.

International Yacht Crewing

This website is devoted to the employment of seamen on sailing and motor yachts worldwide. The vacancies for seamen from the crewing agencies help to find job at sea to many specialists. Our website creates the effective communications between professional participants of the crewing market - shipowners, agents, seamen and gives all of them the equal opportunities for achievement of their purposes.


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